Diving Reel 60m Kayak Anchor Reel

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Scuba Divers Reel 60m

This newly designed reel represents the culmination of five years of feedback from customers who have purchased our two other variants of dive reel during this time. We are providing a unique 'X'Sports branded reel that we have global exclusivity for.

Enhancements that we have made:

  1. Increased line diameter by 16%
  2. Larger diameter reel to allow for expansion of line diameter when wet
  3. Running chrome ring for line increased from 2.5mm to 3.5mm diameter again to help when line is wet
  4. Increase in line length from 46m to 60m
  5. Chrome ring slot width increased by 1mm
  6. 100 mm brass double snap added to reel
  7. Reel now in a bright florescent orange
  8. Line now in a bright fluorescent yellow 

Three easy to use functions – Stop, Free Run and Skip. The skip acts as a ratchet so there is no need to worry about letting line off as you go deeper. Can also be used by scuba divers when diving or as a kayak tether. 

  • Reel has a unique lever operated anti spooling mechanism
  • Line strength 75kg independently laboratory tested by Leisure Pursuits
  • Thumb operated ratchet and quick release retaining clip
  • Top quality mini wreak reel with 60m of line
  • Large rotating handle making it easy to use
  • Heavy duty compact design nylon reel for the travelling diver or kayaker
  • Large chrome plated opening for the line to pass through 
  • This new reel can be used to deploy an SMB/DSMB or used whilst wreck diving. With or without gloves
  • Can be used as a kayak tether
  • High impact injection moulded base and reel
  • Stainless steel spindle and locking screws used 
  • Dimensions approx: Spool dia 95mm. Handle width 135mm. Length 160mm
  • Weight 500gm