Trolling Motor Electric Motor Brush Kit 12V

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12V Trolling Motor Electric Motor Brush Kit

Electric Trolling Outboard Motor Brush kit. To suit most 12v 50lb/55lb/60lb and 24v 80lb/86lb thrust motors

We have sold many thousands of electric outboard motors over the last six years and fully support you with suitable parts for them.

We guarantee that these parts fit 'X'Sports outboards but for obvious reasons, we can't be 100% sure for other brands such as Bison, Flover, Daiwa, e-Thrust, Excursion, Sun-sport to name a few, but we will of course be happy to accept the return of any new parts that do not fit.

Brush Size: H18mm (To curved contact section) x W14mm x L9mm


2 x Brushes

2 x Springs