Aquarium 60L Hydroponic Piston Compressor & Accessories

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60L Air Pump Piston Compressor

Complete Aquarium Air Compressor Pump Kit: AC Piston air compressor pump 60L/min (Size 19.6cm x 10.6cm x 12.7cm). Power consumption only 75w * 8 way air splitter * 8 x air stones (30mm dia) * 1.2 metres air hose * 8 x non return valves * 8 x clear pipe fixing clips

The ‘X’Sports 210-240v Aquarium Piston Air Compressor Pump incorporates a degree of refinement and technical innovations not found in other pumps. Suitable for oxygenating aquariums and ponds and hydroponics systems, these are also used for compost tea brewers, waste water treatment and other applications such as inflation, dusting and water treatment.

This air compressor is also suitable for high-density aqua-culture, can also be used for sea food in restaurants and feeding pools. It is also suitable for non-oil compressed air chemical treatments in the chemical and medical industries. These are oil free piston operated air pumps rather than having to rely on a rubber diaphragm. This ‘X’Sports product is a very robust, reliable and efficient design, providing excellent performance for continuous or intermittent use. Low noise level at <55dBa

The outer casing is made of high-quality ZL102 aluminium alloy (Density is low, but the intensity is high, plasticity is good, has good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance). With a streamlined design for more effective heat-dissipation and driven by an electrical magnetic motor with a straight-line reciprocal motion to produce the filtered purified air.