Golf Trolley Wheel Replacement Tyre (S)

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'XSports Golf trolley wheel tyre (rubber). We are delighted with the heavy and robust quality of this Leisure Pursuits exclusive item. In the nine years that we have sold golf trolley products, this latest item is easily the best we have sold.

Concentrated treaded rubber tyres with a sporty low profile for better grip on all golf course terrains. Diameter of tyre on the wheel is 265mm and the tyre width is 76mm. The inside profile of the tyre is shown as image below.  

Will fit most variants of: Pro Rider, Ben Sayers, Bentley, Caddymatic, Hillman, Leisure Pursuits, Offmetrolley, Precision, Proforce, Promaster, Rider, Stowamatic, 'X'Sports amongst many others.

These are just some of the golf trolley wheels this treaded tyre will fit. This product has been manufactured to our specification to not only support the 1000's of golf trolleys that we have sold but also for other branded trolleys from the same manufacturers.