Golf Trolley Handle Circuit Board Cover

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Will fit most models of: 'X'Sports, Stowamatic, Bentley, Caddymatic, Pro Rider, Hillman I-Kart, Ben Sayers, Proforce, Leisure Pursuits, Promaster, Precision amongst many others.

Replacement smoked plastic rainproof cover for electric golf trolley handle circuit board.

1) Separate the two top handle halves
2) Disconnect leads to circuit board
3) Remove circuit board
4) Carefully clean away the existing mastic or silicone sealer
5) Apply a thin layer of sealer around the edge of the replacement cover and gently press the plastic cover into place. The top has a protective film which can be removed now or removed on job completion
6) Replace circuit boards, leads and handle halves

This 100% original manufacturers item has been purchased for some nine years to fit the Leisure Pursuits and 'X'Sports golf trolleys that we have sold and also other branded products from the same manufacturer.

Please check your size before ordering:

Type 1 W60mm to 68mm. H43mm

Type 2 W38mm to 61mm. H50mm