IGBT 140amp MMA DC Portable Stick Inverter Type Welding Machine 230V

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IGBT 140amp MMA DC Stick Inverter Welding Machine 230V

The X'Sports MMA140 provides a perfect blend of quality construction, power and control that makes it ideal for DIY and garage use. Lightweight with a weight of 5.4kg, the MMA140 is ideal for portable use and provides superior quality ARC welding. This model has IGBT inverter technology which permits high efficiency and fast switching which is much better than than non-inverter transformer-type welders. A clear digital display also shows the variable output current.

Advanced functions of our welder include Hot Start: When welding, machine provides instant large current to eases striking the arc. Arc Force: When using a small welding current, to help with striking the arc. Anti-Stick: When the electrode gets stuck to the workpiece, detaches the electrode by decreasing or stops the output welding current.

Key Features:

  • Latest super stable DC IGBT inverter technology

  • Suitable for welding mild steel, stainless steel and cast iron

  • Adjustable power settings

  • Large digital display for reading current

  • Ideal for welding indoors and outdoors in most conditions

  • Hot Start and Anti Stick enabled

  • Arc Force enabled

  • Auto protection from over-heat and over-current


  • Fully certificated to EN60974 CE, EMC, LVD (Copies available)

  • Axial flow fan cooling system

  • High quality manufacture for durability and long term use

  • Fitted with UK 3 pin mains plug and 2m power cable


  • Input voltage: AC 230V, 50Hz
  • Maximum power: 3.6kW

  • Output range: 20-140A (21-26V)

  • Duty cycle: 60% @ 140A, 100% @ 110A

  • No-load voltage: 60V

  • Suitable electrode size: 1.6mm - 3.2mm

  • Weld thickness: Up to 4mm for welding 1.5mm to 12mm thick material

  • Electrode holder 1.6m and Earth cable 1.4m length

  • Insulation grade: F

  • Machine size: 280*120*230mm

Supplied Package:

  • MMA140 inverter welder
  • Electrode holder

  • Earth clamp

  • Face mask

  • Wire brush/hammer

  • User manual