Pro Rider Golf Trolley Speed Operation Kit for 'T' Shape Handle

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Golf Trolley Speed Operation Kit

Electric Golf Trolley 'T' Handle Circuit Board and Speed Control Switch

Will fit most variants of: Ben Sayers, Bentley, Caddymatic, Leisure Pursuits, Offmetrolley, Precision, Proforce, Promaster, Pro Rider, Rider, Stowamatic, 'X'Sports amongst many others.

Serial number of circuit board is D-60382 or KJ-20488 (222389). If in doubt before purchase then please send us picture of trolley and trolley handle and we will advise. (On receipt please check your serial number is the same before connection to a power supply as we would be unable to accept the return otherwise).

These are the handles that will accept this kit.

This is a 100% original manufacturers replacement item and will fit the Leisure Pursuits and 'X'Sports golf trolleys that we have sold and also other branded products from the same manufacturer.

Kit Consists of:

1) Speed adjustment control with retaining nut and washer

2) Handle circuit board to control all operations for the golf trolley to the electric motor

3) Transparent nylon cover for circuit board

If your electric golf trolley has developed an electrical issue stopping the trolley being used, then the following procedure in sequence, should be adopted:

Have battery checked

Check battery lead and all connections

Replace handle circuit board and speed control switch listed here

Check and/or replace electronic control unit under the trolley

Check and/or replace electric motor