Telescopic Paddle for Canoe, Kayak, SUP, Dinghy or Surf Board

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Telescopic Paddle for Canoe, Kayak, Small Dinghy or Surf Board

Versatile canoe paddle that adjusts from 138cm to 184cm. A unique concept in canoe paddles

With a Super strong polyethylene blade 17cm wide x 45 cm long, and a moulded 'T' handle on the heavy duty aluminium shaft these are light and robust. The adjustable length is able to accommodate all peoples heights for canoe, inflatable dinghy, small boat, surf board or kayak

An excellent value paddle with a strong blade giving you confidence on the water. Manufactured with an aluminium shaft the paddle is light weight. Ergonomically designed with a moulded contour handle for optimum comfort and easy grip.

Ø       Paddle is infinitely adjustable between 138cm and 184cm in length

Ø       Total weight of paddle is 0.6kg

Ø       Bright paddle and handle are designed to allow easy retrieval if lost overboard

Ø       Lightweight and durable, this is the perfect all-purpose paddle.

Ø       An 17cm x 45cm blade adds power to your stroke.

Ø       A tempered aluminium shaft with a ideal shaped grip for sure handling. Blade and T-grip are moulded of high impact polypropylene.

Ø       Durable double clip lock to hold the shafts firmly in place

Ø       Can be used sitting in a canoe or as a stand up paddle for a surf board