Badminton Net Competition Quality Standard Size Badminton Net

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Badminton Net Competition Quality

The very best competition quality badminton net available. This net will last for many years of continuous use.

  • For tournament use and extra heavy wear
  • 20ft x 3ft (6.1m x 0.76m) Regulation size
  • 3mm green Headband Cord and 4mm red Headband ties
  • Weight 1010g
  • Headband 40mm wide White Ribbed Cotton/Nylon fabric with twin stitching
  • 1mm thick by 19mm x 19mm Polyethylene Twine mesh square
  • Side and Bottom Banding 34mm White Nylon Canvas fabric with twin stitching.
  • Headband and Side-band fitted with 4 x Brass Eyelets for top and bottom ties