Golf Electric Trolley Battery Carry Bag 30AH - 36AH

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 Heavy Duty Battery Carry Bag

We are delighted with the heavy duty fabric and construction of our new design of battery carry bag. In the nine years that we have sold this type of golf product, this latest product is easily the best we have sold and having examined other product offerings available on-line, this one is undoubtedly the best available.

Constructed of durable 600D heavyweight and waterproof canvas bag with a robust web handle encased in a shaped comfortable and very strong rubber ventilated handle for ease of carrying your battery. Reinforced with webbing on the corners, sides and bottom for additional strength and durability.

Will fit most models of: 'X'Sports, Stowamatic, Bentley, Caddymatic, Pro Rider, Hillman I-Kart, Ben Sayers, Proforce, Leisure Pursuits, Promaster, Precision amongst many others.

Perfect for protecting your battery when in use on your trolley. Also for ease of carrying and storage when not in use. This sturdily constructed golf trolley battery bag will suit batteries which are W200mm (7.9") x D120mm (4.7") x H170mm (6.7") or very similar.

Tony Brown - Place I purchased from last time cost now was £20 delivered great value for the same quality product