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Luxury Double Gel Bike Seat 

This is a superb gel filled cycle saddle complete to fit any bike that uses a standard 20mm seat post. This saddle has a genuine gel top layer and a nice soft feel outer cover with a soft padded lower. Gives controlled weight distribution with the top gel layer providing a soft but controlled comfort saddle ensuring a pleasant ride over any distance.

• Genuine Gel Filled Top Layer Saddle

• Made from neoprene, gel and urethane for ultimate comfort.

• Outside material is anti-skid and wear-resistant.

• Ideal for use with cycles, exercise bikes or cycle trainers.

• Inset centre groove for more comfort

• Dimensions approx L26cm x W16cm x W6cm (Average for narrow section)

• Weight 0.5kg

• Has a tough and durable rubbery finish which is fully waterproof.

• Thick high density layer for extra comfort

• Complete with clamp to fit straight onto your existing seat post.

This Deluxe comfort unisex gel saddle is perfect for easy and quick relief from the aches and pains of sitting on a standard bike saddle. This can now be a thing of the past with this padded, super-soft shock absorbing gel top layered saddle. Will fit on any standard road, mountain or BMX cycle.

John Williams - did 30 miles today on this seat spot on. Grimwood - Great quality super comfy thanks