6,000 Litre Aquarium Wavemaker Dual Powerhead

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Aquarium Wave Maker 6000 Litres per hour

The Leisure Pursuits wave maker dual power-heads have a 360 degree rotating mount allowing you to adjust the direction and angle of the water, simulating the natural conditions of the ocean. Suitable for salt-water and freshwater aquariums. Our Wave-makers will alleviate "flat spots" in your aquarium. This is very important for corals as the waste that they produce during respiration needs to be carried away through your filtration system.

Lack of water circulating can cause coral to suffocate, while un-directed current can irritate and could ultimately lead to coral's closing up and expiring. Wave makers will help to eliminate these problems and enhance the health and growth of your aquarium fauna and coral with proper nutrient delivery.


•Dual power-head motors for increased flow and greater adjustable directional ability

•Suitable for 200 litre aquariums

•Output 6,000 Litres per Hour, yet only using 12w of power

•Supplied with a very high suction cup and with a high quality clip action for greater holding power on your tank

•Supplied UK 3-pin plug

•Designed for submerged use only

•Suitable for saltwater and freshwater aquariums/ponds.

•Voltage 220-240v

•Epoxy resin sealed motor, 100% waterproof and fully insulated with a ceramic shaft.

•Weight only 0.5kg

•Cable length 1.5m

•Dimensions: 123mm x 70mm x 85mm

•Eco friendly

•CE Certificated

•Easy to install with a very long life cycle